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Tagging for Projects/Assets/Shots


Just started looking at implementing Prism at our studio. Wondering if I may suggest the ability to assign arbitrary tags to projects, assets and shots? I saw a couple of threads requesting a search function in Prism. We too have a lot of projects and a lot of assets/shots per project and would be handy to be able to tag a project with a type (animation, vfx) or (film, commercial) or even client-name. Arbitrary tagging might help studios and teams structure/group their projects and assets the way that works for each of them. Might even help make search easier?

Thanks for the great work!


very interesting idea and it would solve many problems. I'd imagine it that you can assign tags to shots and when you search for "FX" Prism would list only shots with "FX" in their name or if they have an "FX" tag.

It would be a bit of work, but I like the idea and when I'll have a look at the search feature I'll look into that as well.

That sounds wonderful! Thanks a  lot for considering it.