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State Manager : skip the "dependencies check"

Hello Richard!

We are in a situation where our client want a small fork of a project that we have done (lets call it "V3"), in order to build "V4", we have duplicated all the project while keeping v3. For now there is now way to change all the paths that were pointing to the V3 project and set it to V4 right? So we thought that we will keep everything in V3 (textures wise, for some imports,...).

It's working great even if it is not ideal, but anytime we want to do a publish, Prism load for a long time, fetching all the dependencies that are outside the project and printing them.

I was wondering if it could be possible to disable the dependency check, and wanted to know if it would reduce the loading time before publishing?

In the Prism Project Settings, I tried to set the "track dependencies" to "Never" but it does not seems to change much.

What do you think about this?



That's a good point. I'd like to add the option for each warning type to not show it again. I'll add that to the roadmap of the next major release.