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Shelf or menubar?

In some DCC apps Prism is integrated in the main menubar at the top of the window (3ds Max, Nuke...) and in some DCC apps it has it's own shelf with icons.

I got the feedback, that it is a lot easier to access it from the menubar because you don't need to switch to the Prism shelf to access the Prism tools. Some people have the shelves hidden, because they prefer to work without them.

Now I'm thinking about to move the Prism tools in Maya and Houdini from the shelf to the main menubar.

What are your thoughts about that? Any concerns?

IMHO the menubar is the place to put it, at least in Houdini, especially since the shelf becomes less and less useful the more experienced you are is a lot easier to read given the shelf icons have limited space for text.

In Houdini both options are available now. Usually I use the menu. Only in Maya Prism is shelf only because I have the feeling that Maya artists are using the shelves a lot more then Houdini artists.