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Shader export with state manager [Houdini]

Hi Richard.

Maybe this is already posssibe, but it would be cool if one could export and publish shaders.
Example would be a redshift network, or even just a principle shader.

I tried converting my shader into a subnet and then export it as an .hda, and while the  export seemed to work, when trying to import that .hda into the file it gave me the following error:

"Error: Couldn't add operator type Shop/prism_Leaf_A_Shader
Error: Couldn't remove operator type Shop/prism_Leaf_A_Shader
Error: Couldn't add operator type Shop/prism_Leaf_A_Shader"

Is it not possible currently to utilize the .hda workflow for shaders?

That seems to be a bug/limitation in Houdini. I get the same error when I try to create an HDA from a subnet in SHOPS. I submitted it as a bug to sidefx. Let's see what they say.

However there are many other ways to do that. For example you could create a shopnet in SOPs and create an HDA from a SOP subnet. Or you can also connect your SHOP nodes directly to the Prism export state. It seems that the error only occurs with subnets in SHOPs. Subnets in the MAT context are also working fine.

Thanks for the reply Richard.

I will try some of your suggestions.