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Sequence thumbnail not possible to change

The sequence seams to have its own thumbnail, but is impossible to reach/change/set.

If I try to add a thumbnail to the sequence, only the sequence, I get an error "invalid shotname", because it's left black, because I'm adding an image to a sequence, not to a shot. I already have a thumbnail for the shot, but the sequence remains blank with no possibility to change it.

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Currently it's not possible to change the sequence thumbnail from the Project Browser UI.

However you can manually create a sequence thumbnail by placing an image in this folder: 00_Pipeline\Shotinfo and name it "sequence-_preview.jpg" (replace sequence with your sequence name). The Project Browser will recognize it and display it as a sequence thumbnail.

Hi Richard,

Is it possible to add this functionality to the browser UI?


This feature is added now in v1.3.0.41.

You can set it by rightclicking the preview of a sequence and capturing a screengrab or by pasting an image from your clipboard.

In the future this might get extended to let you select an existing image.

Awesome thanks!