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Posibility to render to subfolders

I would love to categorize my render a little bit on-the-fly. One of my comps now has a couple of types rendered. Conform, precomps, breakdown-plates, mattes and final renders.

I would love to be able to create subfolders (like the once above) to the renders. Best would be to be able to do on-the-fly.
My first idéa would be to add the posibility to write \ or / in the Task text in the writer node and that would generate the subfolders.
I did a quick test and it works really nice:
The only problem now is that everything under Tasks in the ProjectBrowser doesn't work as intended any longer.

If the Tasks box would be changed to a tree view instead (everything open by default) and Prism takes the last folder in the structure as the version number, then everything should work as intended again.

To categorize your renders you could just use different tasknames and use conform, precomps... as prefixes like "<prefix>-<name>". If you are viewing your tasks only in Prism and not in a file browser then it doesn't really matter if tasks use subfolders or prefixes.

If you have a lot of tasks then your tasklist might get very crowded so I can understand the use of having a treeview there. Similar like sequences and shots, which are all stored in the same folder, but displayed as a tree view in Prism.

Using a treeview and subfolders, would organize the tasks better, but it might not be super urgent. I'll change that probably when I update other parts of the folder as well.