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[SOLVED] Nothing happend after instalation

Hey Richard!

I checked the whole forum and found a few familiar scenarios but unfortunately couldn't find the solution or exact match.

I've downloaded Prism_v1.3.0.83.
The installation went great.
I got a prompt configuration window. And that is it. Nothing.

When I type Prism in search there is no icon and if I try to find the location from the shortcut it says "C/Prism1375/Python37 is unavailable..."
If I try to go to C:\Prism\Python37 and launch Prism Tray from there (icon is alright there btw) nothing will happen. The same goes for pythonw.exe, Prism Project Browser, and Settings. There is also no small icon in the right corner of the screen like you have it in tutorials. But on the other hand, the Win_Setup_Integrations.bat, Win_Setup_Startmenu.bat, Win_Uninstall.bat works just fine and Prism successfully running appeared in Nuke.

No idea what went wrong, need your help



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Fixed path manually in the shortcuts and now all works!