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Missing maya 2018.4 prism menu and shelf icons


I'm running maya 2018.4 on windows 10 and have installed prism but the maya prism menu and shelf icons are missing.  I have reinstalled a few times but still no change.  The icons are installed, prism runs at start up, plus the commands from the prism shelf work if I run them manual.

please help

print cmds.internalVar(usd = True)



Ok I'm getting closer - the maya prism shelf is working but still no prism menu.    ( deleted the whole maya user maya folder)

Are you looking for a Prism menu in the Maya main menu bar? Prism only creates a shelf in Maya, but not a menu. It wouldn't be too hard to add that though.

for me there's just an empty shelf named prism. any solution? Maya 2019.1 on mac os

Hey @amv,

Have you tried to clear your Maya preferences folder? Maybe there is something in there what causes a problem. I could only test it on Maya 2020 on Mac, but there it is working fine.

If you can't find the problem, you could create a new shelf in Maya.

Here is the Prism Maya shelf file:

The "command" setting in that file is the script, which gets executed when pressing the shelf button. You can add new tools to your own shelf and copy the command from the Prism shelfbutton to your shelfbuttons.