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Heavy exr renders makes the Project Browser crash

hey everyone,

since i felt in love with prism tools, i bumped into a big issue lately.

it seems that maya get stuck on launch, crashin when loading fbxmaya plugin.

everything runs smoothly when prism isn't installed.

everything was working fine until today.


any help?

reinstalled everything again, works like a charm now.

and i've no idea where it could come from.

for the record : windows 10 64bits, maya 2022, prism 1.3

update 1 : nothing works anymore. but there are more details.

all softwares with prism deployed on won't open. they all get stuck on their splash screen. they're also sucking my CPU up to 70/80% of usage.

all the other one software that are not in the pipe are working fine.

one question @RichardF :

i've been rendering pretty heavy exr recently, does it have anything to do about that ? like prism is trying to load their thumbnails, or AOVs, or something ? (spoiler update : yes)

update 2 : i can't open the "browser manager". any other windows are opening fine. that's the one that makes everything going nuts.

update 3 : i moved all of those heavy exrs out of the prism folder structure and the project browser opened again. copy pasted them back and the project browser stopped working.

would it be a workaround for that ? i've been looking for switch off preview button but couldn't find any.

in case anyone is having the issue, you can hide that rendering part from the project browser window. Then click on view > renderings.

happy cg everyone 🙂


update : i've switched from a project to another and the problem appeared again.

only solution for me now is to render with maya somewhere else than in the prism folders