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Issues with state manager in blender


These are the issues which we are facing with state manager in our production pipeline.

I've exported a alembic from the state manager in blender 2.81a. When I import the alembic through state manager and play, it works properly in Windows. I saved the file and when I open the same file in linux the alembic object is there but the animation doesn't play. And if I use 'import latest version' for alembics in blender i get a dialog box saying "no caches were updated" but the version in state manager is updated. The alembic is not updated.

If i export a shot cam in maya and try and import it in blender, it doesn't work. I get a error saying no shot cam was created for this shot. It works properly for maya though

Also when I link a single collection through state manager its linking all the collections in there. And the make library override doesn't work on the linked objects done through state manager.

Thanks for the amazing tool.

Sorry for the late reply, but thanks a lot reporting these problems.

  1. The reason for the missing animation on Linux is that alembic animations are not saved in the Blender scene. Instead Blender references the alembic file and reads the animation from the .abc file when you play the timeline. If you look at Object Constraint Properties of your object, you can see the filepath of the alembic file, which is linked to your object. I guess in your case it's a windows filepath and when you open that scenefile on linux you would need to update that path to a linux filepath. It's not really a Prism bug, but more a general problem when you are working on different OS.
  2. That's because Maya exports by default in cm and Blender expects the shotcam to be in meters. You can export the shotcam as meters, by using the settings on the export state in Maya or you can import the cm camera in Blender by selecting it in the "Import Task" dialog instead of using the "Import Shotcam" button. I updated the popup message to tell you that the shotcam hasn't the right units in the latest Prism version.
  3. I linked a collection in Blender 2.82 and the latest Prism version. I don't have the problem that all collections are getting linked. Could you check if that problem still exists?
  4. I updated the way Prism links collections in Prism Now you can use library overrides.



Thanks for the response. I noticed the alembic file paths in the object constraints. What we've been doing for that is relative paths which works for now.

2) With the library override version the import of collections is not happening anymore. Thanks for the awesome update