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Issues sending playblasts to Dailies

Hello.  I am loving this new pipeline system so far.  I have one small issue.  When I right click and attempt to send a playblast to Dailies (Send to dailies), it creates the folder with my profile name inside another folder with today's date, but the actual file doesn't migrate there.  Was that the intention?  Or does that option only create the folder?

When you send any media files to the dailies folder Prism creates two shortcuts in that folder. It doesn't copy the media files, because long EXR sequences could take a long time to copy and it would waste diskspace. One shortcut is for the actual image files and the other one links to the folder where the original files are stored.

Don't you see the shortcuts in your dailies folder?


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Thanks for the quick reply Richard!  Unfortunately I'm not getting a shortcut either.  The resulting folder is empty.

And no error message? Do you get the confirmation popup that it was send to dailies?

Did you tried it in the standalone Project Browser or inside any DCC app?

Hi Richard, so it looks like it works if I do it in the stand alone app.  When I was doing it in Maya, it was not working. But I was getting a confirmation message while using it in Maya.

So it looks like if I use it in Maya, it does create the user and date folders in Dailies, but does not copy the short cut.

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Ooh, yeah I found the problem. You are right, at the moment it works in the standalone Project Browser only (at least on Windows). But I hope that I can fix it in the next update.

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks Richard!