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incorrect frequency histograms

I have a list of roughly 300 decimal numbers between 50 and 100. A typical value will be 98.35, etc. I need to generate a frequency histogram. If I set the bin width to 2.0, a correct histogram is generated. However, if I set the bin width to 1.0, the algorithm makes serious errors resulting in a completely erroneous distribution. This seems to be a serious bug.

Hello Glenn,

I'm not Prism's dev but I don't undersand how it is linked to Prism at all.

If you think that it is a Prism issue, could you provide more info ?


It most definitely is Prism. I am using the analysis>column analyses>frequency distribution command. The resulting histogram produces incorrect results.

You might mix it up with another software called Prism. The Prism Pipeline for VFX and Animation projects, which is discussed in this forum, has no options called "column analyses" or "frequency histograms".