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Hybrid remote work with Prism...

I've very curious about this style of working and if anyone has had success with it. I used to work at a studio that was entirely on-line. Our workstations, render farm, and server storage were all on Amazon. It worked great but was quite costly. So, I'd like to figure out a more hybrid approach. One where we would have our Publish/Shared data stored in the cloud and it would then get synchronized automatically with everyone on the team. Right now I can understand how to make this work with Dropbox (shot/asset folders that only contain approved publish data inside the dropbox folder) and Amazon EC3, possibly even Google Drive but I'm curious about what other services would might be more tailor made for this that I just don't know about?

Thanks for any help!


Depending on the size of the team, Dropbox or any of the other cloud sync tools will work with Prism.

It's not ideal though because you will upload and download more data than you actually need. That's why we are working on a Prism Cloud service which solves exactly this problem. It will be a few more months though before this service becomes available.

We're using Nextcloud for our small team. It works fine now, but I assume that we will reach it's limits when a) the team grows b) we hit the rendering stage.

We actually stored a Prism project on a sFTP. Essentially for nuke though, users can access it and they download from the sftp by localizing directly into nuke. It works great.
rendering directly into the server with 16 bits files is super slow. But qt's render directly on the ftp no problem. We then have a script that can render locally and copy back to the directories structure of prism. Totally workable. Took a while to setup correctly though. This is better than dropbox, in my opinion as you don't need to constantly syncronise data. You localize, what you need, project files stay remote all the times and you output what you need. Still doing some experimentation with "Syncthing"  as I don t like the idea to have data stored on DropBox or goolge drive shit etc...

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