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Has anyone problems with Houdini 17?

I have had some different problems, for example: "cannot determine Prism Icons" while starting houdini.

But it s not all the time just occasionally...


When I open the StateManager I get a few warning that a few icons for checkboxes cannot be found, because sidefx moved/removed them in H17.

But I didn't encounter your warning yet.

Problem, PC 1, installation ok. PC 2 houdini no shelf prism. I reinstall prism, reinstall houdini Shelf no. how to add shelf.

sorry for my English


Hey nagel,

does the Project Browser start when you start Houdini? If not I guess that Prism cannot be loaded.

When you use Houdini 17, check if this file does exist by entering this path in the windows explorer:


If it doesn't exist, you can add the Houdini Prism integration in the Prism Settings dialog.


added User \ Documents \ houdini16.5
User \ Documents \ houdini17.0

16.5 and 17.0 does not work. I see the splash screen, and the end.

Removed User \ Documents \ houdini16.5 \ python2.7wheels
User \ Documents \ houdini17 \ python2.7libs

prism starts houdini. shelf control no.

If you delete the python2.7libs folder Prism won't be loaded of course. You could try to delete the inside that folder and see if Houdini starts then. It is very unusual that Houdini crashes without error. Normally when there is an error in a startup script, Houdini will print that error in the console and continue to work. Do you use any new Houdini daily build or a production version? May I ask what the exact filepath of your documents folder is? Prism doesn't work well when there are any unusual characters in filepaths, which could eventually be in your Windows username.