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Houdini Prism plugin issue

Hi,  when I am working on our school computers, I get this error when clicking on any of the prism buttons in Houdini.

I'm not sure what the problem is as it works fine on my personal computer. Any ideas?

Using latest version of Prism

Using Houdini v 18.0.532

It might be that there are some old Prism files in the Houdini preferences folder, which are not compatible with the latest Prism version.

Try to remove the Prism Houdini integration from the preferences folder (or delete the Houdini preferences folder to be safe) and add a new integration from the Prism Settings window.

Hey, sorry for not getting back to you. I forgot to mention that I have tried it on multiple computers at the school, some of which I never logged onto before so they didn't have any prism integrations to begin with. It would be a brand new setup. The only thing in the Houdini preferences folder would be a the 'houdini.env' file that contains code to PATH to the Arnold renderer and PATH to deadline. There would also be a 'python2.7libs' folder with a '' script.

On a fresh computer, I would launch Houdini so it would populate the preferences folder with the proper files, then close it. I would then launch Prism. Since it's the first time opening Prism on that computer, I would go through the first time setup process such as opening the project folder and typing in my name. After that, I would go into Prism settings and add the integration. A new folder 'packages' would show up in the Houdini preferences folder and inside is a 'Prism.json' file that contains a path to the Houdini integration folder in the Prism installation folder. I am using the most recent version of Prism as of now, v1.3.0.33.

Is there anything else you can think of that might be the problem? I am going to also talk with our school's administrator to see if there's anything on that end that might be the issue. So that I can give the most accurate information, what exactly Prism trying to do when I get that error?


Your steps sound correct so far. Thanks for describing it in detail.

If you look at the script of the shelf button you see that it's actually a quite simple command that fails.

Try opening a new python shell window in Houdini and paste these three lines:

import PrismInit
print PrismInit
print PrismInit.pcore

The second line prints the location of the PrismInit file, which should be in your main Prism folder under "Prism\Plugins\Apps\Houdini\Integration\python2.7libs\"

If it points to a different file then that would explain the problem.

Hey, thanks for the info. I spoke to our admin and it looks like that could be the culprit. Apparently it’s pointing to a folder that contains some custom maya scripts that he set up to be appended to the maya script path.  I’ll copy/paste what he asked me:

“I think this is being pointed to <custom maya script folder> because of an environment variable we have setup for some custom maya stuff.  Not sure why it would be affecting Houdini though unless the devs are using the same environment variable for Houdini as for maya.  The env in question is MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH and ours points to <custom maya script folder>  Can you ask him if there is an environment variable or a config file that controls where to look for this python file?”