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Houdini camera name

Hello Richard,

On the latest version of Prism, it appears that you have renamed the cameras.

When I import them, the full path is "/obj/IMPORT_ShotCam/cameraName/cameraProperties"

It is annoying because when you do an export state (playblast or render) the camera override is named "cameraProperties", instead of the camera name (see the screenshot attached)

It's a minor issue but the "cameraProperties" name is also misleading since it's a camera sop. Personally I would have preferred to have the camera sop to be named by its name.

What do you think about it ?




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This name is the default Houdini naming.

For exporting cameras Prism creates a temporary alembic node in /out and exports the camera through that node.

You can try that manually as well. When you import this exported camera with an alembic archive node you will get the cameraProperties node too.

But it looks like this has been the case for a while already. I just tested in 17.5 and also Prism 1.2.

You would prefer this naming:


Damnit I never saw it before, not sure why, maybe I renamed it every time ? 🙂

The naming "/obj/IMPORT_ShotCam/cameraName/cameraName" would be perfect to me, what do you think about it ?

I'm not the biggest fan of having two nodes with the same name in the nodepath.

Maybe something like:


That would be perfect as well, agreed on the two same name in the nodepath