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I'm using Prism with Maya 2019, to set up some Asset/Character files for rigging. When I check the .yml files that are generated, I always see the following for fullEntityName:

- fullEntityName: C:\Windows\System32

Is this meant to be something more descriptive? I feel like I'm getting the wrong thing here.



Yeah that looks like a bug. Did you notice any problems because of that?

Nothing obvious - but then, I'm not really sure where the 'fullEntityName' gets used in the program.


I was installing/uninstalling a lot when I first started using Prism, and I was playing around with different install locations, so maybe I broke a connection somewhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fullEntityName in the yml file is actually just meta data, which doesn't get used at the moment. I can confirm that it gets saved with a wrong value and you didn't broke it with your installations.

It shouldn't cause any problems at the moment and in future versions that will be fixed.