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Decoupling Comments and Usernames from file names

Hey Richard

One more thought.

Currently, the file names themselves contain the Comments and the usernames in them. This seems to sometimes make the file names very long. I say this because Prism already has a system of writing ini files for exports. Wouldn't it be better to just have ini files written for every version of the work file as well by default?

Is there a specific reason why the comments and usernames are part of the files themselves and not in an additional ini file?


Im hoping this would lead to a structure where every file has the format <sequence>_<Shot>_<pipelineStep>_<Category>_<version>.<ext> along with a data file which is <sequence>_<shot>_<pipelineStep>_<Category>_<version>.ini

The biggest reason for that is performance. When the user selects a shot in the Project Browser, Prism has to read the comments and usernames of all versions to display them in the scenefiles table. It's very fast to query the filesnames of for example 500 scenefiles in a folder. But it's significantly slower to open 500 text files and reading data from them. I guess in most cases you wouldn't recognize a big difference, but when you have many versions on a slow network drive, that could make a big difference.

I understand your thoughts and I'd also like to move it in a separate file. But when I make a change to Prism, it shouldn't make things worse even for a few people.

Eventually I could add this as an optional setting..