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deadline submit in houdini ?

Hi, I was wondering why the deadline render submit job was grayed out ? how to enable it on houdini ?

When you see the deadline job settings in the StateManager, Prism found a Deadline installation and you can enable it. If Prism doesn't find Deadline, you wouldn't see any job submission settings in the StateManager.

In Houdini 17 SideFX made some changes to the stylesheet in Houdini with the result that custom PySide windows don't find the icons for checkboxes from groupboxes and listitems (like the export states, which usually have a checkbox in the export state list on the left side).

However it's just the icon that is missing, but the functionality is still there. If you click in the area where the checkbox icon should be you can enable the submision settings even if you don't see the checkbox.

It will be fixed in the next Prism version and it's already fixed in the latest dev version on GitHub. Prism contains then it's own checkbox icon files, which look exactly like the Houdini checkboxes. In fact the icon files come from the Houdini 16.5 version, but the SideFX support told me it's ok if you use them in Prism.

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Hooo right, the checkbox is invisible duh to missing ressource, well I could have seeked for a long time lol, thanks!