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best way to use pcore funtionality in natron / nuke ( python ) custom scripts


i am trying to upgrade old process (python scripts) that works within nuke / natron to include (work with prism).
i see my old libs works in nuke / natron as lmLib and also feel that in same console, i can use pcore  as well.
how exactly i can import pcore in my own python script / modules.?? i need pcore.projectPath working in my scripts.

thanks in advance. regards,haseeb

Hey Haseeb,

pcore is defined in the .nuke/ If you are loading your tools from the same file or the script editor you can simply do something like this in the

import myTool

Alternatively you could create a new PrismCore instance in your tool (But I'd prefer the first way).

import PrismCore
pcore = PrismCore.PrismCore(app="Nuke")

thankyou sir, it really helps.