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Being able to import a Shotcam in Asset

Hello @richardf,

We are using the asset tab with a folder "dev" to try some fx while waiting for some shots to be built.

At some point the shot are build but not approved yet and we would like to be able to use some temp camera to check if the FX will work in context.

I have seen that I cannot import a shotcam in asset, do you think that it would be possible to be allowed to ?

Thanks a lot,


Why can't you import the shotcam in your asset scene?

The Shotcam button at the top of the State Manager is disabled because your not in a shot scene and Prism don't know which shotcam from which shot you would like to import.

You have to create an import state and in the import task dialog you can select any shot and the shotcam task of that shot to import the shotcam in your current asset scene.

Ohhh I see, my bad @richardf

Thanks a lot !