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Asset Categories

When I first started using Prism, I didn't quite see the point of the category column in the shot browser, but now I am using it all the time. It add so much flexibility when you have multiple people working on the same shot.

I would love to have an option to add categories to assets as well.


For example, on my current project  we are working on a rig. One person is developing a rigging script, another the body rig, and the third is working on the face rig. At the moement we are adding step types under the asset like 'rigBody', 'rigFace' 'rigRnd'. It would be sooo much cleaner to have a single rig step, with categories  under it, so it would be:


I'm sure this is harder to add then I imagine, but I just wanted to put it out there.


I got the same request recently and I've planned to add that very soon. One thing to consider is that this will be a breaking change. Of course I have to provide backwards compatibility, but that means that asset categories will be only available in Prism projects created with the new Prism version. In existing projects the asset categories will be hidden, because there are probably a lot assets already created without a category.

That's awesome 🙂 Would be a nice addition. Totally understand it won't be backwards compatible.

I just uploaded the latest Prism version to github (v1.2.1.6). There are now categories in the assets tab in the Project Browser when you create a new project. In old projects the categories list is hidden to support the asset folder structure from previous Prism versions.

However, there are some more new features, which are also available in old projects. There is now an "Assetinfo" panel, similar to the one in the shots tab. You can set a preview image and a description for each asset. You can also rightclick on the preview image to capture an area from your screen and use that as the preview image. That option is also added to the shotpreview.

The asset tab looks now almost like the shots tab. I hope that doesn't make it confusing 🙂

I had to make some huge changes to the Prism code. So I recommend to test the new version in a test project first to make sure everything works as expected.


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That's awesome Richard! Love the asset info addition as well. Thanks a million!