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add option to export with namespace


A bit late, but happy new years!

I would like to hear if it would be possible to add a checkbox for forcing the exporter to add namespaces when exporting alembic from maya?



Sure it is possible. It is just another export setting, which I need to expose to the user. Probably I'll add it to the next update. Once I was very annoyed by the namespaces on exported objects and I thought no one ever want them to be on exported objects. But if you have a good reason to keep them, why not

Side note: In the current Prism version: When you export two objects, which would have the same name without the namespace, Maya can't export them to alembic and Prism will ask you if you want to export them with namespaces to avoid this limitation.

Yes, it's exactly that. It's a bit frustrating when you have multiple alembic exports set up, and you come back to the computer 30 minutes later and it's stuck with a pop-up asking if it should include namescpace because two references are sourcing the same asset. It would be a lot cleaner also for my houdini setup to just include namespaces I think. So with the namespce checkbox it would fix both issues. I understand if you think it is making the UI cluttered. However, as a proffessional tool that it is I would say it is a good thing to give the users as much control as possible with the UI - maybe all these 'extra' settings could be in an expandable menu to make it less intimidating for new users?

Yeah, I was thinking about an "Show advanced options" checkbox on every state.

I think if you parent your assets under different null objects it would avoid the messagebox. But I see that it makes sense to have this option in the StateManager in this case.