About Prism


Prism is a free software focussed on automating the workflow of VFX and animation projects.

The idea behind Prism is to have a tool, which allows you to work in an fast and efficient way, without the need of manually dealing with file formats, folder structures, naming conventions and so on. You can focus on the creative aspects of your project, while Prism manages the technical parts in the background.

The development of Prism started in 2016 and since then it was used in severeal animation and VFX shorts. The future development will be influenced by the feedback, requests and donations of the users.

Prism is licensed unter the open source GNU GPL-3.0 license.

This means you can use it for free even in commercial projects, but please consider a donation if you do so.

I’d like to know for what projects and in which way you used Prism.

Send a mail for feedback, requests, comments or your experiences to:


About Me


My name is Richard Frangenberg and I’m the developer of Prism.

Besides Pipeline I have a special interest in FX and also worked as a 3d Generalist for some time. Based on this experiences and the need to work more efficiently, I started the development my own VFX Pipeline.


If you want to know more about me: