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various problems with Pandora on Win10 and Houdini 18


I'm trying to set up a Pandora farm on some windows10 workstations (only 2 for now) but I get various errors and strange warnings.
My setup: I have a workstation which should either submit render/sim jobs and act as a slave, and another workstation which should just run the jobs as a slave. On the first one I shared a folder (share name: testShare) that I mounted (Mount network drive) on the H: volume and it's correctly visualized and accessible to the slave(s). I installed Prism and Pandora, setting Pandora's Root as H:\testShare\....\Root, and the Local Repository in another folder (not shared).

-The firts problem I get sometimes is that Pandora seems to lose the mapped network, so when I try to launch a job it says "can't create Root Path", and if I try to reset the Root folder from settings, the H volume is not visible. Anyway I can use the network path. Every job that I launch fails with some errors, I'll attach the log and the json warnings file saved as text

-I noticed that Pandora tends to stuck, it doesn't respond and crashes

- Sometimes I get some pop-up Warnings about Json files that can't be read, or they are missing some options.

-I always get warnings about job configs that doesn't exist.


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