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Unable to add "Steps" in Project Browser, unable to use "_" for Naming Conventions


I have two Questions/Reports.

1. I created an Asset and added the Step "mod" (Modelling). After Modelling I like to add the next Step "rig" (Rigging) by double clicking in the "Steps" Field. Nothing happens. After that I tried to export the model with the State Panel and import it as reference.. Tried out all ways to get it working.. What do I wrong?

2. I noticed that "illegal" Characters are disabled for naming Projects. Why is that true for "_" (underscore) as well? Is there a way to enable that?

Thank you!


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Hey Nico,

1. On your screenshot the "Cube" item is not recognized as an asset by the Project Browser, but as a folder. You cannot add pipeline steps to folders. Asset have bold type in the list and they cannot have childitems in the asset list.

You can rightclick on the Cube item and open the folder in the Windows explorer. There you should see four folders "Export", "Playblasts", "Rendering" and "Scenefiles". Only when these four folders exist the Project Browser will interpret Cube as an asset. It looks like the "Playblasts" and "Rendering" folder are missing in your case for some reason. You can create them manually and refresh the Project Browser.

2. Actually I don't really see a reason, why that would be a problem. I haven't tested it, but if you like I can upload a changed script, so you can try it.

Hey Richard,

1.  Now it works! I thought I watched your Tut Videos carefully.. For the next Step (Rig) I made a new entity and copy/pasted the last Version (mod) to the Rigging Step inside the Project Browser. For Referencing you did make that with the State Manager with Exports/Imports inside Max/Maya. Is this the only way to get Referenced Files?

2. I tried out and on my Windows 10 64Bit Machine I can´t use "_" Character while your Auto naming has "_" Characters.. For Example:
Can you please check and help me on that? Change Script? How to use it?

ADDITION: I can´t make Comments in the Project Window by double clicking...

Thank you!

P.S. If you had Time for that I could think of paying you for additional SetUp Pipeline Structure.. not too much! 😀

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Hey Nico,

1. Yes, you need to import a Maya file in the State Manager if you want to create a reference with Prism. But if you simply copy a scene to the rigging step, it won't show up in the "Select Task" window, when you create a new import state. You need to open the rigging scenefile and export your rig as a .ma or .mb file first. The intended workflow is that you don't reference your rigging scenefiles directly in the shot scenes, instead you export your rig to a separate file, which gets referenced into a shot scene then.

But you can also use the "Import custom files" button in the "Select Task" dialog to reference in scenefiles, which were not exported through the State Manager.

2. By default Prism uses underscores to separate data in the filename. That way Prism can read things like comment, version and user from a scenefilename. That's the reason why you are not allowed to use underscores in some situations like shotnames and steps, because then it wouldn't be possible for Prism to interpret the filename correctly. In the config of your Prism project (Project/00_Pipeline/pipeline.ini) there is a "filenameseperator" setting, which is set to "_" by default. You can set it to "__" or ".." if you like. Then Prism will use that to split the data in the scenefiles and you are allowed to use underscores in shotnames.

However the filenameseparator doesn't affect the projectname. I'll upload a fix tomorrow, which will allow you to use underscores in the project name.

3. In the Project Browser you can only view comments of the versions, but not edit them. To set a comment you have to use the "Save Comment" shelf button in Maya. Alternatively you could rename the scenefile in the windows explorer to change the comment.

If you need some special features for your project, you can write me a mail to and we can figure something out.


Hey Richard,

sounds all good! Thank You!

I forward a message to you!

I uploaded the updated script to github. You can update your Prism version in the "Miscellaneous" tab of the Prism Settings. After the update you can use underscores in your project names.

That´s great! Thank you!

I check it out!