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Pandora - Linux

hello RichardF
I would like to know how Linux is working, I only see an installer for windows..

At the moment there is no Linux version of Pandora.

Any plan for develop the Linux version?I will be very happy to hear that.

Currently not, but that depends on the amount of requests. Thanks for the feedback.

i'm also interested if you plan to develop the Linux version, so if we can use prism on Linux, it would be great link pandora on the same OS.

Pandora render slaves for linux would be invaluable for running pandora on cloud farms as you wouldn't have to rent windows licenses. Additionally being able to install and provision a render slave with docker or kubernetes would save a lot of time on deployment.

Registered to add +1 for linux support of both nodes and gui.

+1 for Linux support.

+1 for Linux support.