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Pandora and Blender 2.80 /2.81

Does anyone know how to Setup blender 2.80 correclty with this build?

6 Month ago I got 2.79 working fine - but now after Setting up everything for 2.80 - Pandora get the submitted Jobs, but does only output the last renderlayer of the fileOutput node and the rendered Image is black - no magic when rendertime is only 10 seconds and the log sais compositing tile XX-XX.

So anyone got this to work ?

I just tested in the 2.80 beta and there it works fine. I can test it later in the latest Blender version. Maybe you could also share an example scene to make sure I'm using similar settings as you?

The "compositing tile" in the log is an expected output, but after that you should see that the image was saved, like this:


Uploaded files:
  • Blender_renderlog.JPG

Yes, I had a simliar notification in the output windows and Pandora save an Image but it was all black and only the last of the 4 passes i had set.

I 'll do some more tests to be more specific.