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Old Pandora logs keep popping up

Hey there 🙂 I got a weird problem and wonder if it's some kind of bug or if I'm missing some settings.

So in Pandora, the logs for both the coordinator and the slave (currently only 1 slave here, because its the same machine) just restore some old and outdated info. It always tells me in the coordinator log i.e. that its missing assets for shot 5A-01000 v0011 and v0013. but I deleted those jobs days ago (screenshot). And also weirdly, even when I moved the Pandora Repository location, the same messages kept popping up again.

It's really hard to look for solutions for problems, if the majority of the logs are filled with outdated information. I really like Prism and want to include Pandora into our pipeline aswell now, so really looking forward to any solution for this 🙂

Thanks in advance and greetings,


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