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No available options for the render slave to accept jobs

Hi mate, I cannot seem to locate the way to get the render slaves to recive jobs, the option tab that you have in your tutorial for jobs doesnt exist in my installation (Im on the latest, im unsure exaclty why that would be missing but there is no where in the ui to send work to my slaves) any chance you might know what is happening or if i am missing something?

Both test machines are on the same vpn and can see each other just fine, i can see their status as idle on both machines.
and the folders are syncing just fine as well
i have tried to enable the coordinator on both machines, ive turn one off one on, then in reverse, etc. but nothing seems to bring up the jobs window you have and i cannot assign from maya either.  (this is maya 2022 if that makes a difference) Windows 11 x64 everything else is flawless, such as prism. thats great works like a charm if that helps