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Houdini file got "submitted" to Deadline repository, breaking all the variables

Hi there!

Love Prism, but I have difficulty submitting Houdini (mantra) render states/jobs to Deadline. The scene file ending up "submitted" transfered to Deadline repository and all the slaves copied it to there temp folder, breaking all of my $HIP, $JOB variables. Can't render my file caches. An option to submit or not the hip would be nice, or I would prefer not to submit the file, rather the slaves should acces it from the original place.


(Also a pool selection option would be nice too!)

Thanks, keep up the incredible work!

I agree that an option for that would be very useful. But like usual it's a lot more work adding the checkbox to the user interface, than the actual change in the script to not submit the file. For now I attached the script, which won't submit the scene to Deadline. It's from Prism v1.2.0.9 and I only commented out a few lines. You can replace the existing file at: C:\Prism\Plugins\RenderfarmManagers\Deadline\Scripts\ After that restart Houdini and your variables should work fine with Deadline.

I'll add a checkbox for that and for Pools later.

Jesus! That was freakin fast! Thanks a lot! You really saved my night! Thanks again!

Probably a bit too fast. Just found a problem in the file I posted. Here is the fixed version:


Uploaded files:

Yeah, now it seems like it's working, thank you very much for the quick support!