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Houdini 17 FileCache Not working

Hi there,

I'm experiencing some trouble sending a bgeo cache from a filecache node to Pandora using the State Manager in Houdini 17.

It works perfectly fine when I use a Geometry ROP or an Alembic ROP but when trying to export a filecache node using the StateManager it just says 'error' on Pandora. (I'm not sure where to look for more detail on the error)

It looks like it sets the output path properly on the filecache node and StateManager says the job was submitted successfully so I'm guessing it's not a dependency problem and I think we can also assume the problem is not with StateManager.

Like I said, it works perfectly with the Geometry and Alembic ROPS which is great and for the time being I can get around using the fileCache nodes by instead using the Geometry ROP.

If anyone has had the same issue and has found a solution please let me know.

(All fileCache and StateManager export options in this case have been left at their defaults when sending executing the layer in StateManager)




I can confirm that the filecache node is not working with Pandora v1.0.1, but I just fixed it for the next version.

I attached the updated script, so you don't have to wait for the next released version.

You can replace it in:


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