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Having some problems with Pandora and 3dsmax

We're trying to setup a Pandora solution on our office and doing some testintg we face this error:

05/11/18 18:03:55 ERROR-Renderhandler v1.0.1.0 File ClPandora/Scripts/", line 408, in <module> sys.eitiqApp.exec 0) File "ClPandoralScripts Pandora", line 127, in iconActivated self.startRenderHandler0 File "C:lPandoralScripts Pandora, line 193, in startRenderHandler self.core.openRenderHandler0 File"C PandoralScripts", line 115, in func wrapper return func( args, "kwargs) File "ClPandora", line 461, in openRenderHandler self.RenderHandler PandoraRenderHandler.RenderHandler(core- self) File "CAPandoralScripts)", line 112, in init self.getRVpath0 File "CAPandoral Scripts, line 138, in func wrapper argsl0l.core.writeErrorlog(erStr File ClPandoralScripts PandoraCore-py". line 1628, in writeErrorlog action msg.exec 0 File C Pandora Script PandoraTray py". line 127, in iconActivated self startRenderHandlero File "ClPandora Scripts Pandora Tray-py", line 193, in startRenderHandler self.core-openRenderHandler0 File ClPandoralScripts, line 115, in func wrapper return func( args, wargs) F CAPandoralScripts PandoraCore py, line 461, in openRenderHandler self.RenderHandler PandoraRenderHandler.RenderHandler(core - self) File C Pandora line 112 in init self.getRVpath0 File "ClPandora Scripts line 137, in func wrapper erStr - ( " % s ERROR - Renderhandler % dn % Vn \ n % s " % timestrftime ( " % d / % m / % y % X " ) , args [ O.core - version , join(traceback format stack0), traceback format excO) Traceback (most recent call last) File"ClPandoralScripts PandoraRenderHandler py line 134, in func wrapper return funcl args, kwargs) File "CAPandora Scripts PandoraRendertHandler.Py line 2117, in getRVpath winreg.KEY READI winreg KEY WOW6 A 6AKEY WindowsError [Error 21 El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado 18:05 05/11/2018


And our slaves cant get out of "not respondin" state on the render handler...

The error is because RV is not installed, but that's not important. You can safely ignore this error. I know it's annoying, but I'll remove the error soon.

The "not responding" state could happen if some files are not correctly updated thruogh your network. You can check if the slaves are still active by activating the debug mode in the slave settings in the RenderHandler and then check if the slave log updates.

Thanks a lot for your answer!!! The fact is that I cannot activate Slave Settings because of this error that popup when I try Open settings on my renderslave:


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The big problem was that the computer hosting the PandoraCoordinator had an earlier System Time(absurd, I know) and that made the Corrdinator go crazy.Everything is working fine right now, thanks for your work!

Great to hear that.

When you try to open the slave settings from the context menu, Pandora will open the settings file in a text editor or whatever program you have connected to .json files. You haven't connected any program with .json files, which causes the error on your screenshot. But you don't need to open the settings file to change slave settings. You can simply do that in the settings tab to the right of the slave list.