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Custom Plugins in single DCC

Hey Richard

After I got the custom paths loading into houdini variables, I realized that other DCC apps are getting errors due to the module 'hou' is only specific to houdini. Is there a way to only load custom plugins on specific DCC apps? Or a way to bypass a snippet of code if the running DCC isnt houdini?

Thanks for your time

Josh T

Hey Josh,

in the isActive function of your custom plugin you can write:

return self.core.appPlugin.pluginName == "Houdini"

If Prism is not loaded in Houdini the plugin will not be active. If you want to use the same custom plugin in all DCCs, but want to execute a few lines in Houdini only you can use the same condition in an if clause anywhere in your plugin.



edit: fixed the code line

Amazing! thankyou Richard


Josh T