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Version override

Hi Richard.

I would love an extra checkbox in the State manager - Image render, probably just after Framerange:, called Version override:

If the checkbox is "unchecked", the greyed out text should indicate the next version that will be rendered/written to disk. If we tick the checkbox, it should give us the control to specify the version number that we want to create/overwrite next.

Here's why:

I sometimes render out a very low sample pass of my image sequence (which is at the final rez and has all the AOV's etc) and I'll start comping with that pass. In the meantime, my full quality, high sample version is rendering on the farm with the exact same file name, AOVs etc. Then when it's finished rendering, I reload footage in After Effects and voila, comp just about done. (I understand Nuke can do a "version-up")

Another scenario, which I've just experienced. Halfway through rendering my image sequence, Redshift/Houdini crashes. I then restart the render and continue rendering from the frame that crashed. No problem, all good except that now half my image sequence is called ...v0003... and the remaining half is ...v0004... So now my beauty pass, zdepth, all aovs etc are all 2 sequences. Not the end of the world at all, but previously I would have just continued rendering ...v0003... and would have one complete seq.

Lastly, in my filecache node, I've made a version number control box in the gui which I often use. It works well because I can cache out a few options of a sim, and then because the filecache node is reading those caches back in using the same version control gui that I've made, I can literally flick between cache versions in my viewport.  Director loves this, thinks I'm a genius. He's happy that he can see options of sims. We all feel good about ourselves. Please Richard, make us feel good by putting a version checkbox/spinnerbox in the PrismTmpCache node.

I'm completely with you that it's sometimes preferable to overwrite an existing version. And there is already a feature in Prism similar to what you described. If you rightclick on an ImageRender or Export state you have the option to "Executate as a previous version" and there you can select as which version. With that you can continue crashed renderings or overwrite previous versions. However, it's not 100% what you described because it's not a setting on a state, which would be saved with it. If you think that option would be still necessary I can add it to the feature requests list.

Yeah the Prism filecache in Houdini could use some additional features. Added as [0108]


That's great, regarding the right click menu! I missed that. Perfect.

I suppose, from a consistency/more intuitive point of view, it would be nice to have the version options in the gui as I described, but due to you already having the functionality with the rightclick menu, I would say it's not a priority.