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Using Prism on existing folder structure

Hello! We are currently testing the integration of Prism in our pipeline. It would make our job a lot easier and we really like it. The only issue is that we already have a folder structure that we would like to continue to use, with as small changes as possible since a lot of the automations we have are also based on this.


Is it possible to adapt Prism to an existing folder structure and somehow set where it should save files and from where to import them?

Reading also some other discussions, I believe we need change some lines in the file, but probably we need more than just adding a couple of subfolders to the paths.


Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated, thanks in advance

Hello Andrea,

the customization of folder structures and filenames is still very limited. You can change the names of the top level in your Prism project. You can also specify additional export/render locations in your project settings. That allows you to write caches or renders to a different drive outside of your main project folder. The foldernames however would still follow the Prism naming convention.

Making the folder/filenames more customizable is on the roadmap though. If you can provide some examples how your prefered folder structure looks like we can make sure that it will be supported in the future.



Thanks for the quick response. Understood, hope that this will be implemented.

Yesterday we run and tested Prism to see how it works and it really would be life changing for us artists. As stated previously, we are "locked" with our folder structure but at the same time we have not many tools outside of our softwares to handle all the import/export of files between departments. I'm pretty sure it's a common problem since several people I know that works in small new studios are in a situation like that.


Anyway, simplyfing our folder structure we get something like that:



|        +--- 3D Assets/

|        +--- Other kind of assets/

+ -- DOCUMENTS ( Production, Reference and others)

+-- OUTPUTS ( Finalized shots and other files that will be sent out to clients or other companies)


|      +-- SEQUENCE NUMBER (es. OL_10, OL_11, and so on)

|            +--  SHOT NUMBER (es. OL_10_0030)

|            +--  SHOT NUMBER (es. OL_10_0040)

|                   +--  FX

|                   +--  ANIM

|                   +--  NK

|                   +--  TRACKING



Good luck for today presentation!




Hey Andrea,

thanks for the feedback and for the overview of your structure. That should be all possible to implement in the future. If you like I can let you know when a beta version of that is available.

I think the presentation went well. Were you able to watch it?