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StateManager Export - unwanted new TaskName


First off I want to thank you for the crazy good work on this pipeline! I am extremely happy to be using it.

I am experiencing a weird issue that never happened before.

I have prepared some props in Blender, and I want to publish them under the TaskName "Layout", however when I go to the State Manager, then create the Export task, the TaskName gets updated automatically to "Layout_#" where # is an incremental number, and even if choose the TaskName "Layout" present in the list dialog, it won't be selected. (please see attached gif)

The problem is that if I publish with TaskName "Layout_1" all the other files in which this prop is imported through the State Manager will not see the update because it is pointing to the prop with TaskName "Layout" and can't know my new publish is in "Layout_1".

The problem occurs after every publish, so for example if I publish a newly created file it will be published with TaskName "Layout". If I publish a second time the TaskName will be "Layout_1". Publishing a third time the TaskName will be "Layout_1_1" and so on.


Any idea what could be a solution?

Thanks and cheers!


DCC: Blender 2.92

OS: Windows 10

Prism v

The project was created on Prism v


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