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render filetype

What is the easiest way to set the filetype when making a render publish in the state manager? Using redshift for maya.

By default Prism sets the filetype for all renderings to .exr. You can change that in this Script:


In the "sm_render_preSubmit" function there is a line "cmds.setAttr("redshiftOptions.imageFormat", 1)" (line 972). The number one stands for ".exr". You can change it to another number to change the output extension. Eventually you also need to adjust the outputPrefix variable in the next line to fit your extensiontype. Currently I can't test it, so you have to try which number stands for which extension.

Thank you so much, I will give it a try.

Any chance that it will be a dropdown in the render export settings somewhere down the line? would be great to have a quick way of changing between exr and png.

Yes it would be a usefull feature for sure, but it's a bid annoying, that I'd need to deal with each renderer in every program individually. I'll have it in mind for future updates.

Oh right, can see that being a bit of a pain. Maybe for a start just add to maya and houdini with redshift...? 😀



Haha yes, maybe I should add it only for the specific apps and renderers, which get requested 🙂

Good idea 😀



I would also like to be able to change the exr compression type when sending renders from houdini and redshift. Is there any update on this? How can i do this manually for now.



Prism doesn't override the compression settings on the Redshift ROP in Houdini. That means you can set the compression dropdown on the Redshift ROP to "piz" for example and when you start the rendering from the State Manager, Prism will use the current compression settings of the Redshift node and save out exr files with "piz" compression.