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Prism in Fusion Menubar

Instead of having the Prism scripts under Scripts -> Prism I wanted to have it in the menu bar so I fixed a Prism.fu file to do just this (rename .txt to .fu as I couldn't upload .fu files).

Place this file under %AppData%\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Config

To not have the Prism script files under the script dropdown any longer I just moved the Prism folder out from ...Fusion\Scripts folder.

This change is also written into the Prism.fu file so it will look for the files under ...Fusion\Prism instead of ...Fusion\Scripts.


This would be a great change in upcoming releases of Prism in my opinion 🙂


EDIT: I just saw that there is already a PrismMenu.fu file under Prism\Plugins\Apps\Fusion\Integration that does exactly this but it doesn't seem to be copied over to Fusions Config folder. Why so?

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