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Hello, first of all great work, Im already testing Pandora and its amazing...but I have some questions...

All the questions reregarding Maya like DCC.

Im mainly trying to set it up with Maya, like base of the pipe, but I have a couple of problems, the firts one is the name of the output render files, for example would be amazing if the final name could use the same system of "File name prefix" under the Render Settings > Common, and work with the typical flags, <camera>, <Render Layer>, <Render Pass>, <Scene> ... and also the manage of create folder when it starts the render, with the .../folder/....exr




and the second thing is about the render layers, I ve watched that when I set up Render Layers in Maya, because I never render the main (masterlayer), in Pandora Coordinator just appears one task, with once time my range, but its working well, I mean, it renders all the Render Layers, and its great, but the question is, do you have planned to include a main task (jobName ....) and inside of this all the Render layers like separately tasks, dependent of the main job),  in other words, to have the capacity of watch and manage all the different Render Layers as separate tasks inside Coordinator.



Thank you very much!

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As far as I know, Pandora can't use Maya's built-in alias in the Pandora submitter.
So I have to make my version of Pandora to solve this issue with an inelegant approach cus I not a pipeline TD at all haha

How to use:
1. Download zip file I uploaded
2. Copy paste overwrite
3. Restart the Pandora submitter in Maya & RenderSlave should be enough
4. Outputpath in the Pandora submitter should be like this example: D:\proj\seq\shot\lgt|<RenderLayer>\<RenderPass>\imgName.exr

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