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Pandora Render layers and naming and AOV's

Hi Richard, I've just started using Pandora and I'm liking what I'm seeing. I have some questions though.

How do you recommend handling maya 2018 render layers? Are you supporting at this point? Could not find reference to them in your docs. I thought I had it working ok yesterday for 2 render layers (I've set this up with a BG and a FG layers) , but checking the renders this morning I find that I'm seeing Pandora swapping layers in the same output. I might get 100 frames of the BG and then it will switch to rendering FG.

I'm also confused by the naming. What I'm seeing is creation of a directory structure <output path>/beauty/(directory per AOV name)/(output name).(aov name).exr Does Pandora default to adding that 'beauty' directory? Do you recommend adding the shotname and layername to output path, such as SFT010_FG.exr? How do you handle frame padding, as I would normally use "####" or "%04d"?

Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing this Render manager. When I'm less busy I want to take a good look at Prism too.

Renderlayers are not handled specifically by Pandora, but Maya takes care of the outputpath when you have renderlayers in your scene. I just tested it and it seems to work fine here. It sounds like it happens only with some of your renderjobs, can yóu reproduce it? As long as all the renderlayer are set to "renderable" they should get rendered by Pandora. As a workaround you could submit one job for each renderlayer and disable the renderable option for all renderlayers except one.

When you have AOVs in your scene, Pandora will create a beauty folder and saves the "main" render in there. I would add the shotname, a layer name (in case you have different jobs for different layers) and a version number to the jobname. Depending on your project it can be usefull to add other infos. Usually I use Prism to submit renderjobs and in this case I don't need to worry about the jobname, because Prism takes care of that.

Pandora uses a frame padding of 4. The number will be added at the end of the filename before the extension. In the Pandora submitter you can enter for example D:/Project/test.exr and that till result in renderings like D:/Project/test.0001.exr ... So you don't need to add padding characters to the filename.