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Pandora/Prism Shelf Missing & Arnold Render Settings Missing

Hi Richard, I just thought of writing some of these problems that I have encountered along the way would help other users.

Once installed Pandora and Prism, both Shelves do not show up in Maya 2017.

Workaround: However if I run Maya as Administrator, the shelves appear.

Problem: If I set a project folder in Maya, and after opening one of the file scenes, the Arnold Render Settings disappear as well the other Render Engines and a red flag shows up.

“992: Error during execution of MEL script: line 1: IndexError: file C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2017\scripts\mtoa\ui\ae\ line 932: list index out of




Solution: It was a Scene-Specific problem. The defaultArnoldRenderOptions node in the scene was broken. The following link shows how to fix.

Hey Eduardo,

thanks for the solutions for these problems. I hope it helps other people with the same problem.

One note to your first problem:

Is your normal windows account an administrator account or do you use a different windows account when you start an app as admin? Because every user in windows has it's own documents folder and Prism installs the Maya integration in the Maya preferences, which are in the windows documents folder. That means it can happen, that you installed the Prism integration for the admin account, but you won't have the Prism integration when you start Maya in a different windows account.

I also heard from users who had problems because of OneDrive (because it modified the documents folder) or customized Maya environments.

So if you don't see the Prism or Pandora shelf in Maya execute this script in the Maya script editor:

import maya.cmds as cmds

print cmds.internalVar(usd = True)

This will print the path to the preference folder, which Maya uses. Make sure Prism installed the Maya integration to that folder. You can check this in the DCC apps tab of the Prism Settings dialog.

Hi Richard,

Yes, you are correct!

When I installed Pandora and Prim, I was not using the Admin account, therefore Pandora and Prism was in another folder.

To solve the problem I opened "Pandora Settings" and in the DCC apps tab I added a "Pandora Integration" in Maya Tab. Then I opened Maya and an error popped up and Maya would not open. I realized that I needed to copy and paste the following folders "Pandora" "PandoraRepository" "Prism" into the Documents folder of the 2nd account and it works perfectly.