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Pandora on Blender 2.82


Hi there

Pandora promisses to be really useful for sure. But on my workstation I don't get the Pandora menu within Blender 2.82 ..

I have tried the DCC apps but I get 'Invalid Blender path'.  I am directing it to c:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.82 .. the blender.exe is in there as it should be.

Once I get this working I am excited about rendering on the other PCs. Do you have any ideas please?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hey treetoplake,

Sorry that it's not very clear. You have to select the 2.82 folder inside the Blender installation directory.

I updated Prism already to avoid that confusion, but in Pandora that's still the path you have to select.




Thank you Richard for such a quick response. It probably is clear but i'm not quit ether yet. I tried as you say pointing the integration to the 2.80 folder .. and still no menu inside Blender.


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If you haven't done it yet use the "Update Pandora" button in the "General" tab to update Pandora to the latest version before you add the integration.

Also you said you are using 2.82. If you install it to 2.80 you won't see it in 2.82 of course.

You are right .. my mistake. I have now deleted 2.80 as administrator (from the cache I guess) .. then I could add to 2.82. And Pandora menu is in top bar of Blender. More adventures in network rendering next week! Many thanks for amazing support!

One other question .. In my file have output settings set to jpg. Also in the path I change .exr output to .jpg. I save file with these output settings before sending to render with Pandora. But it renders .exr files each time. When I reopen the file .. the Output is set to .exr.

How can I get output .jpg for farm renders with Pandora?

At the moment Pandora forces exrs. To render to jpg you would need to modify the python scripts. In the future this might become an option in the submitter dialog.

Thanks for the quick reply .. you have made an amazing start to making other local pcs useful for rendering. That would explain how not matter what I did I couldnt get .jpgs to output lol. Am I allowed to get someone to edit the python script allow jpg output? Or is it not allowed by Blender folks? I (and I'm sure im not alone) would be willing to pay you for a version that allowed various outputs including jpg or png. The Flamenco render farm is totally annoying to set up (so we found) and there doesnt seem to be anything else out there. Hole in the market as they say. Thanks for amazing support once again!

Of course you or someone else can edit the scripts. If you have features, which are important to you and you would pay for them, I would prioritize them so it would be added quite quickly.

Shall I DM you or post request here? Depends on the cost of course 🙂