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Pandora - Not all systems able to render as slaves

Hi Richard,

This is amazing software you have created. kudos to that. I tried and tested it and works amazing.

so here is the problem i face. I have 4 workstations with same config and are in lan with a central network location. I just am not able to understand why 2 (No. 2 and No. 4) systems fail to render or take up a job while other 2 render properly. All have same config and versions and installations and everything. This is the only software I have found other than commercial one where i can cue render jobs and this is really stopping me from doing that. I have attached the log files for your reference.

I hope you can guide me using Pandora on daily basis. Also it needs some more in depth video tutorials as this is one of the best tools and needs to be promoted.

Thanks and Regards,


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I am sorry I forgot to mention I am working on blender 2.80 and also fine on system 1 and 3 in both versions. doesnt respond in other two.

The message "render job expired" means that between the moment when the coordinator assigns a task to the slave and the moment when the slave receives it more than 15 minutes have passed. I don't think this actually happened in this case with your jobs. The problem could be that Pandora is using the local computer time to measure the passed time. This causes and issue when your renderslaves are using a different system timezone than the machine on which the coordinator runs. Matching the system times should fix that issue.

If that's not possible for you I could add an option in the next update to disable this behavior.

Hi Richard,


Thanks for your help and reply. This did work and now all the systems are working fine. tried animationa and batch tasks both.


Thanks a tonne. This really helps me go to sleep.


I have yet another query.

I had one more question. I wish to use pandora to handle both render jobs of 3dsmax and blender. As of now I have got blender working fine but am stuck up with 3dsmax. I am not sure if this will at all work as I have 3dsmax design 2014 versions and pandora does get integrated in it but with some script errors. Have attached a few screen shots of the same. I believe pandora works only with 3dsmax upper versions from 2016. If its at all possible with some work around for older versions, it would be a tremendous addition.


Please let me know if this is possible. Also do I need to raise new topic for this?


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3ds Max 2014 has a very limited and different python support. Supporting that version with Pandora would require quite a bit of development effort. Currently I don't have plans to spend so much time on that.


Yes, generally it would be nice to open a new topic for different questions, which makes it easier to find a specific discussion in the future.

thanks mate..appreciate your support a lot...sorry got really tied up in tasks to reply..will post new topics as a separate thread.