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Pandora: No 3ds max installation found (again)

Hi all:
I've starting using Pandora on a single pc, Windows 10 & 3dsmax 2020+vray in order to leave behind Backburner, I'm just trying to have control on a batch render, a queue render that allows me to start suspended and eventually submitt multiple jobs from different files.
Everything looks fine, and the software looks pretty intuitive and neat but in every task the message "No 3ds max installation found" appears to ruin the day.
As in this forum you can find, I've tried the "Slave executable override" option, apparently it looks like something is about to happen but the infamous "a software problem has caused 3ds max to close unexpectedly" popup message appears.
I have no clue in what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Personal annotation: Well, it appears that some kind of weird problem around an incompatibility ipv4 vs ipv6. I give up.