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Pandora local is newer than the global


Feel free to post it here in the forum, especially if it could be interesting for other users too. If it's a different topic just open a new thread. But if for some reason you prefer to write a private mail, that's also absolutely fine.

@korfits I just updated Pandora so that it removes the deleted jobs from the local slave repository also. The current Pandora version on github is now You can automatically update your Pandora installation from the Pandora settings. I haven't created a new executable for this small change, since it's a bit more work for me, but let me know if you need it as a new executable.

Thank you. i'm going to update all computers to see if it works as it's supposed to.

  • one question is kind of related to the previous one. When we render a job, the coordinator copies the file and most of the files associated with the file to the local slave. which i don't understand way. Isn't it supposed to read the texture files and so on from the server instead of locally?
  • the other thing is just about some render crashes that i don't understand way i get.
  1. If you want to load the textures from the server you can uncheck "submit dependent files" before submitting the job. The scenefile gets copied to the slave because the original file could be on the local workstation of the artist, which is not accessible from the slave. Also the job repository of the Pandora coordinator can be local so the slave would have no access to that. Depending on your setup that wouldn't be necessary and by changing the code it would be possible to optimize that for your setup.
  2. You can send me the slave log. Maybe I have an idea what's the reason for that.