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Pandora local is newer than the global



I've just run pandora out on our farm. It seems to work okay.

I have one issue though. i get an error saying "local is newer than the global". i then have to access my coordinator and press start coordinator every time i submit a new job. Or at least some of the time. Is this a known issue or what is it?


Thanks in advance

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This is just a warning, but it's not the reason that you have to restart anything. This warning means that the modification date of the PandoraSlave script used by the slave is newer than the modification date of the global PandoraSlave script. The script which is used by the slave is this one: C:\Pandora\Scripts\ The global script is in the Pandora Root directory here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Pandora\Root\Slaves\<slavename>\Scripts\

The global PandoraSlave script lets you update all you slaves very easily. You can modify the slave script and save it here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Pandora\Root\Scripts\PandoraSlaves\ The Pandora coordinator will copy this script to all slaves. All slaves will restart automatically when they see that the global PandoraSlave script has a newer modification date than the current one. So you can change this one script and it will be copied and used by all slaves automatically.

The warning on your image is just an indicator that someone modified the local slave script, so it is newer than the global one. But like I said this warning doesn't mean there is a problem and when you know that the local script was changed you can ignore this warning.

Okay. i just had problems getting the coordinator to find the new slaves.

Two other questions:

  1. Is there a way to clear your old render jobs from the individual computers? just that if i render a bunch of jobs at 1,5 gb per 3dsMax file. Then my render farm will get full quite fast. If nothing clears it's "cache".  So is this a manual thing? or does this happen automatically?
  2. have you ever used/seen shotgun? That program have a feature where it renders some "preview" frames before it render the hole lot. You can tell it to render 4 images through the sequence. When those have been rendered. It will then start rendering the rest. and you have the option to stop it. If something is wrong


  1. At the moment the jobs in the local slaves need to be deleted manually. But if that's a big problem it would be easy to add the behaviour that it gets deleted automatically after some time or when the job gets deleted.
  2. Yes I know Shotgun, but it's not a renderfarm manager. Do you mean when you render locally with the Shotgun Toolkit integration? However I know that feature from other renderfarm managers. It would be a nice addition to Pandora, but currently it's not planned.

It would be really nice/useful for our company. That the jobs that are deleted from the renderhandler also gets deleted from the local slaves. I know the people here. And i know that our machines are going to be full of rendered jobs. if they aren't deleted automatically.

Is it something that you can implement or is it something that i should do myself with some code from you ?

Maybe there should be a box that you can tic on and off if the feature is needed?

What are the pros for not deleting the jobs from the local slaves?

As soon as the jobs are deleted in the render handler there is no use for the local jobs on the slave computers anymore.

I can implement that probably at the end of next week. If you need it before that I can tell you at which position in the code you would need to add something.

if you would implement it end next week that would be lovely.!

Please let me know when the update is done. Are you going to make it delete by default or are you going to make a check box for it ?


Thank you so much

If you can think of a reason why you would want to keep the local files I could make a checkbox, but otherwise I would delete them by default.

Sounds like a  good idea. so if you delete a job from the job handler. the files should be deleted from the slaves aswell.

i have some more questions. one about some render crashes and one about the way the pandora transfers files. Should i just throw it all in here? or should i write you an email?

Thanks 😀