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Pandora install on a school network

Hello Richard. Hope you are doing well.


I got a few questions about Pandora Installation.


I’m working in a school, and currently trying to set up Pandora for rendering.

I have a server who is managing all users and passwords.

I would like to use it as a manager only,  for all rendering, and use all other computers as slaves.

Pandora needs to have a link to maya (and other DCC apps). This link is toward the prefs of Maya. By User. My first problem is that my students are continuously changing computers, depending on their projects.

So I created a Render user. They will connect to that user for turning their computer to a slave render station. All works well, but I have a few problems. Does all submit needs to be made with the render user? Or can we still submit with a personal user profile? Because when i set up a render profile, and after goes back to a personal profile, i got this error popping up continuously

(see attached file here)

PC-165 is the name of the computer.  I did access Pandora on that computer with 2 different profiles.  Is there a conflict between the 2 profiles? Or did I make an error on install?


Another questions about install.

On all machines the pandora root is a folder accessible by all users. Same folder for all.

Does the local repository need to be in the same folder on a server or does it need to stay on C:\users\....?

Do i need only one coordinator on my server or can it be installed on multiple machines? Again, multiple coordinators might be in conflict with each other. 


I hope i have been clear enough

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