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Pandora Compile for Linux

We are looking to migrate the entire studio across to Linux in the near future and are looking at farm / pipeline options. The integral elements of Prism are good but our biggest issue is the farm. Pandora, from our experiments, is good, however with windows only (we still have win7 across the farm) it limits us a lot. With Blender now updating to python 3 in 2.93, we have to replace the OS on every system which runs into tens of thousands of $'s , else we replace with Linux. That's fine, however network rendering is a major issue.

Is there ever going to be a Linux version as we're holding off looking at any major alternatives until we have a response from Richard - it's been queried a lot in the past and would love to deploy Pandora, but if it's never going to happen, or will take another year or so, then we will look at other options for farm management and possibly pipeline integration.



Hey Pete,

currently there are no plans to develop of Linux version of Pandora. It's not impossible that this changes in the future, but for the next few months the development focus is clearly on Prism.