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Pandora changes AOV file name prefix

Hello, I have a scene with Redshift AOVs and their file name prefix are setup like this:



and the global file name prefix in render settings is set like this:


So when frames are rendered, I have folder structure like "maya_file_name/render_layer/render_layer_color.101.exr". An .exr with all my color passes and another .exr with all utils passes.

But when I render using Pandora it seems to change everything, the global file name prefix is set as "Outputpath" that I choose when exporting the scene and AOVs file name prefix is changed to "<BeautyPath>/../<RenderPass>/Outputpath"

This, beside changing my usual naming convention, causes another problem, if I render multiple render layers, I get a separate folder for each one of them, but all the AOVs are put in the same folder, as result that the last render layer overwrites the other ones.


Is there a way to keep the file name prefix settings without changing them? Thank you!